Corporate Safety Policy

Corporate Safety Policy

PT ISIS MEGAH has made safety a focus in all aspects of its operation. In addition to protecting the well-being employees, a safe work place, increase employee efficiency and their claims. PT ISIS MEGAH foster a safe work environment through our safety program which includes training for employees, regular maintenance of equipment and routine safety inspections.

As part of PT ISIS MEGAH’s continuing emphasis on safety , it employs a Health, Environment and Safety Manager who reports to senior management and has direct access to ISIS MEGAH’s Director.

With ISIS MEGAH operating through out Indonesia’s area, it is imperative that consistent safety principles are held. To achieve this goal, regular on-side safety meetings and training seminars are held to ensure that all personnel are kept informed and that everyone within ISIS MEGAH continues to work forward exceeding all applicable regulatory and safety requirements.

PT ISIS MEGAH supports efforts to minimize the impact of operation on the environment, and is responsible to the concerns of government. the general public and its employees regarding activities. Environment protection measures have been incorporated into ISIS MEGAH’s regular Procedures for equipment, site inspection and waste disposal.

PT ISIS MEGAH’s operating practices comply with Government standards for waste management. These standards are communicated to ensure that they are aware of such standards as well as ISIS MEGAH’s expectations with respect to the environment.